Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A selection of photos for those who don't stalk me on Facebook

sex education workshop with the Paz Joven youth group

Mayan candle ceremony at the first of three cocktail parties associated with the Antigua artisan fair
full circle: hike to the Nebaj cheese farm

...and the surprise we found there eeee!

El Quiche bus terminal

"Zumba" in Cunen!

Inauguration Day for the onion warehouse

cutting the ribbon

me and the association ladies...I'd always thought of them as such big, strong women because of all the struggles they endure, but they're so tiny!

the association and their new warehouse

with the teachers in Los Trigales after they threw me the most wonderful goodbye party!

my ageless xeca neighbors

last morning in Cunen

I. Miss. This.

view of the volcano in Antigua

romantic evening with Stephen :)

ringing the bell officially ending my service

Day 1 of El Mirador hike

view of El Mirador in the distance (goal for Day 2)

beautiful nature

we made it!

our group at the ruins

the top of La Danta...the largest structure in the Mayan world

heading back

last night in Guate

all my luggage ready to go!